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Q: What is Fundrazr?

A: Fundrazr is the platform ICC is using for participants to donate, register and createtheir own campaign pages to share among their network. This is the link to the Walk the Wall main website walkthewall/org. where you can find links to individual country pages.

Q: How do I find my campaign page?

A: After you’ve registered, you should have received an email from Fundrazr with a link to your very own campaign page. You can also find your campaign page by signing into Fundrazr, clicking your profile picture at the top right, and then clicking “campaigns”.

Q: I made an individual campaign, can I switch to a team campaign?

A: Yes, even after registering as an individual, you can go into your settings to switch to a team campaign and allow people to join you. However, you can not switch from a team campaign into an individual campaign.

Q: How do I customize my campaign page?

A: Once you’ve opened up your campaign, we encourage you to start customizing!
You can customize and edit by clicking the pen icon like the one shown on the right. You’ll be able to customize the following:
1. Change your campaign title
2. Change your banner photo
3. Add/ Change your profile picture
4. Add your story and why you are walking in support of ICC children.

Q: What is my “story”?

A: Your story is how you connect with ICC and why you’re walking with us. Have you volunteered at one of our homes in China? Do you personally know someone with a disability? Have you adopted or sponsored a child from ICC? Do you have a passion to see Chinese society love and embrace people with disabilities?

Q: Why is it important for me to share my “story”?

A: Sharing your story helps your community understand your passion for ICC and why you will walk on September 26th. There are a couple of ways you can share your story. You can share your story on your fundrazr campaign page and social media. You can even share about why you’re walking with ICC on your next family video call! We encourage you to share your story especially during this time of Covid, because more than ever, we need something that brings our community together.

Q: Why should I share on social media?

A: The beauty of Walk the Wall is that it gives you the opportunity to invite your network into this movement through social media. Every share on social media helps raise awareness about the children and families whose lives have been changed forever through ICC’s care. So even the click of a button can make a difference!

Q: When can I download the app?

A: Participants will receive an email when our App is ready in September. You’ll also receive more details regarding what the app does around the same time.

Q: Why is Walk the Wall so important?

A: Walk the Wall has been one of ICC’s largest and most important fundraising events. On average, Walk the Wall has 4,000 participants globally and fundraises about $400,000 annually. Every dollar donated empowers ICC to provide life saving, holistic care to children and families who are in crisis. With your support, ICC’s love surrounds each child with special education, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, life skills training, and vocational training. While Covid-19 has kept us at a social distance, it has not separated us from the reality that children and families in China need love, hope and opportunity. We’re blessed that partners like you are coming together to help us raise awareness and critical funding for International China Concern.

Thank you. Let’s help China’s most vulnerable go the distance!