Below are some great ideas and ways that you can reach out to your network of family, friends, and co-workers to have them support you and ICC.

TIP #1 - Share Your Cause

Tell your friends why you are walking and invite them to support you through different ways such as becoming one of your sponsors or your team members!

TO DO:  Share this website to invite your family and friends to join the Walk. Consider starting a team and setting joint fundraising goals! You can also direct them to your online fundraising page so that they can easily support you.

TIP #2 - Add a Personal Touch

A personalised fundraising page shows your supporters that you're invested in this cause - so they'll invest in you!

TO DO:   Share why you're walking and add a fun photo to your page. Don’t forget to share your page on social media.

TIP #3 - Set a Goal

Don’t be shy to set an ambitious (yet realistic) fundraising goal. You’ll be surprised by how supportive people are!

TO DO:  Fill in the details on your fundraising page and share it with your list of potential sponsors.

TIP #4 - Make a List

Who might want to sponsor you? Your family, friends, colleagues, church groups, etc…Be bold and get creative!

TO DO:  List out all your potential sponsors and start reaching out to them!

TIP #5 - Reach Out

Most people who donate do so because someone asked them to. Encourage people to donate online by sending them to your fundraising page. It's secure, easy and efficient! It also provides a way for you to track how much you have raised and who you need to thank after the event.

TO DO:  There’re lots of ways to get in touch – emails, text messaging, social media, face-to-face chat…etc. You’re more likely to get support if you personalise your messages.

TIP #6 - Find Your "Top Sponsors" 

Can you think of someone you could ask for a large donation? Ok, now go and ask them first. Go ahead, pick up the phone and tell them why you're Walking the Wall!

TO DO:   Tell your friends you're taking part in Walk the Wall to support ICC’s mission in providing love, hope and opportunity to China’s most vulnerable Children. Invite them to support you or to match a donation you may have just received.

TIP #7 - Say a Personal Thank You

After the Wall, tell your sponsors how you did and how much their support meant to you and ICC! A personal “Thank You" will make them feel valued.

TO DO:   Make sure you have the contact information for everyone who makes a donation to support you. Send them an email, call them on the phone, or even write them a thank you card!

International China Concern's mission is to provide love, hope and opportunity to vulnerable children in China. If you would like to know more about ICC, please visit